All of the sawtooth panels allow for a little wiggle room when installing. Please make sure that all of the screws are screwed in just a few turns, perpendicular to the synth and that the panels are in their most optimal position before tightening them all down in a star like pattern.

For the best results:

  • Screw on by hand
  • Use the right type & size screwdriver (see product page)
  • Use a good quality screwdriver

Most synths are pretty straight forward. screw the old panels off, screw the new panels on. Here are some tips for when applying the new panels. Some synths have special instructions supplied with the new panels or can be found at their product page.

The following instructions apply to most of our products:

  1. Remove the old panels
  2. Loosely screw on the new panels
  3. Making sure the screws align perpendicular with the holes
  4. Slowly tighten the screws furthest apart in a star pattern.

Phillips (PH) vs Pozidriv (PZ)

There are two types of crosshead screwdivers; phillips and Pozidriv. Phillips is your classic crosshead while Pozidirv has an extra cross in between.

Using a Pozidriv driver on a Phillipshead screw will certainly damage at least the coating, and in the worst case strip the screw head completely.

All of the synths that are currently on the site all use Phillips head screws. Please make sure you use a good quality Phillips screwdriver to fasten the panels to the synth.